Hair pins - new favourite accessories

Updated: May 5, 2019

If you are following latest trends you probably noticed that hair pins are one of them. Usually, I don't follow trends that seem to me too fleeting and that's how I felt about the hair pins.

I was actually looking for some spring and summer dresses on my favourite online store when I noticed these very inexpensive pearl pins and decided to try them. It appears I liked them very much as they are very stylish and girly addition to your outfit. And they keep the hair away from your face!

These 3 pins came in a set, each looks different and is made of larger and smaller faux pearls. You can mix and match as you want, use them all together or separate.

How I like to style them is to pin them on the side of my head. It gives a very romantic touch especially with curly volumized hair.

Using the opportunity I picked a few other hair clips. My favourite are the gold circle and a bow - also very girly and those I like to pin on the back of my head as they need to grab more hair to hold steady.

Let me know in the comments below if you buy this trend as well and how you like to style the hair accessories.

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